Alabama: Southern Exposure

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE is a film fellowship program that is actively raising awareness about Alabama's incredible natural resources and important environmental issues that impact all of us.

When it comes to natural landscapes, Alabama has it all: Southern Appalachian forests, world-class rivers, ancient cypress swamps, white sandy beaches, and much more. Alabama's incredible geographic variety and natural resources supports a stunning array of species - some found nowhere else on Earth.

Now in its fourth year, this innovative summer fellowship brings emerging filmmakers from across the country to tell authentic, engaging stories about Alabama's environment and the people who cherish it, from the mountains to the coast.

To learn more about the fellowship, visit us on Facebook or email us at [email protected].

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Southern Exposure films give insight into Alabama‚Äôs most pressing environmental issues More »

Never-before-seen footage from Alabama’s world-class caves is just one of the many treasures in this year’s Southern Exposure fellowship films. Released this month with screenings across the state, the films bring the state’s environmental issues into focus. Films have touched on topics ranging from policy barriers blocking the advancement of solar in the state to land protection and tar sands.

Here you can watch Southern Exposure fellow Drew Perlmutter take viewers underground into the vast subterranean geology of a few of Alabama’s more than 4,000 caves. The state boasts one of the highest concentrations of caves in the country and they support incredible biodiversity.

Now in its fourth year, Southern Exposure is sponsored by SELC and made possible through the support and partnership of local and statewide conservation groups. The newly-launched website,, provides more information about current and past fellows, how prospective filmmakers can apply for the fellowship, and action items for those who want to get involved in the issues seen onscreen. More information is also available in this short film introducing the 2015 Southern Exposure projects.

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