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Protect NEPA

The nation’s bedrock environmental law is under attack from the Trump administration. We need your help to fight back.


The Trump administration is working to strip away public input, a core component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). For the past 50 years NEPA has provided communities like yours with the ability to voice your concerns about offshore drilling, interstate highways, pipelines and polluting industrial plants. This ultimately allows these big projects to be fair, transparent and in the best interest of the communities they will serve.

Submit a comment below by March 10 to oppose these environmental attacks
Here are some reasons why NEPA is important – adding specific details of why you feel strongly about this will make your comment more effective:
  • • For communities to have a say in big projects that will affect them.
  • • That communities be able to submit comments in lay terms without the expense of hiring consultants and experts to analyze projects.
  • • To consider all environmental impacts for a proposal, including how a new project may add to harms already in place from other projects (like how adding another highway or bypass adds to the pollution already happening from the existing road network).
  • • For the government to consider how a project may contribute to climate change by adding more planet-warming greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
  • • To know if there are underlying and unhelpful motivations for the project, like a developer’s conflict of interest, that call into question the true need.
  • • To have these big projects be fair, transparent and in the best interest of the communities they will serve.


The Council on Environmental Quality is only taking comments through March 10, so please make this a priority. And thank you for helping to #ProtectNEPA.