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Meet Senior Attorney Sierra Weaver, who goes above and beyond to protect our coast from offshore drilling and seismic blasting.

Protect Our Coast

Despite overwhelming opposition from Atlantic states and hundreds of coastal communities, last year the Trump administration proposed in 2018 opening nearly all U.S. waters to offshore drilling – including the previously off-limits Atlantic coast. 

While the administration publicly announced a delay in its proposed oil and gas leasing plan, in court filings they’ve indicated all options are still on the table and they are pushing for dangerous seismic blasting to start any day. They've also rolled back safety measures put in place following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The push to open the Atlantic may be on hold now, but the desire to drill is as strong as ever.

We need to keep the pressure on to keep drilling away from our coast.

Join us to protect our coast!

Although it’s not clear when the Trump administration will release its proposed five-year leasing plan, we know the White House wants the Atlantic coast included. News reports indicate the administration will start pushing in earnest for offshore drilling after November. The Department of Interior will open a public comment period as soon as that happens, and we will need as many people as possible to weigh in with public comments against this plan. Your help is critical.

Thousands of comments will prove coastal communities and states don’t want offshore drilling, and the administration must consider public input before making a final decision on this misguided proposal.

We need your voice in the fight for our coast. Please sign up so we can alert you as soon as the comment period opens.

Economic Impact of Coastal Travel and Tourism

Source:  Unless otherwise cited, numbers are based on 2018 data from the U.S. Travel Association “Economic Impact Map” broken out by coastal Congressional Districts  https://www.ustravel.org/economic-impact

Deepwater Horizon

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a spill so bad scientists are still assessing the damage it caused. Back then, SELC brought the nation’s first challenge to pause new drilling while the disaster was still unfolding. And now, the lessons learned from those battles shapes our work to protect the Atlantic Ocean.



1. Be ready to submit comments as soon as the public comment period opens. Sign up above to receive an alert.

2. Contact your Members of Congress in the House and Senate urging them to oppose offshore drilling and to call for public hearings in coastal communities.

3. Submit a letter to the editor or an op-ed to your daily and weekly news media outlets. Click here for suggested language and tips for submitting your perspective.

4. Learn more about why this matters—check out this interactive map to explore the economic and environmental risks of offshore drilling by clicking the boxes to display different information. Zoom in to explore specific areas, and print your own map.

5. Show your opposition to offshore drilling on social media with the hashtag: #ProtectOurCoast