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Water is a way of life in the South so keeping our rivers, lakes, and coast protected from pollution is a top priority. But a proposal from D.C. politicians puts our water at risk. They want to dismantle the Clean Water Act, America’s bedrock environmental protection that cleaned up the nation’s polluted waters nearly 50 years ago and has kept them clean ever since. A proposal by EPA would strip protections, making it easier to pollute streams and other waterways and threaten:

Drinking water for nearly twenty million people in the South

The South's iconic and treasured waterways

The South's $130 billion tourism industry that relies on clean lakes and rivers

$200 billion in economic benefits from U.S. hunting and fishing

We need to call on Washington politicians to back down from this risky, unprecedented proposal, which is expected to be released soon. That’s why residents across the south and around the country are standing up to defend America’s clean water—and, with it, our families, communities, and way of life—from this unprecedented attack. We can’t go back to a time when companies could dump unlimited pollution in our waterways. This is going to be a hard fight; will you help us?

Sign our petition to protect the South’s water for future generations. We’ll let you know about further actions as soon as the proposed rule is released.


Don’t Strip Away Our Clean Water Defense!

D.C. politicians are planning to gut the Clean Water Act, stripping protections for streams and other waterways that have been in place for nearly 50 years. These protections ensure clean drinking water for our families and are far too vital to be rolled back.

Tell the EPA we don’t want our waters ruined by pollution!

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The South is an amazing place to live and build a future. Our region is blessed by beautiful streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries, marshes, and beaches. Why? Because of fundamental protections like the Clean Water Act, which sets basic limits on industrial pollution of our waterways. The Clean Water Act is America’s bedrock environmental protection for the drinking water sources of drinking water we rely on, the rivers we swim in, and the lakes and streams we fish in.

For nearly 50 years this landmark law has enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress and been championed by Democratic and Republican presidents alike. As agencies charged with protecting clean water, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers should not remove these protections.

Their most serious attack would remove all protections from many streams and smaller waterways, pretending that that water – and pollution – doesn’t run downstream to our drinking water sources, lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. But people know that’s not right. What happens upstream flows downstream. We need to protect water at its source.

Water is a way of life in the South. Don't throw it all away.

Keep pollution out of our families’ drinking water and our streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Protect us, not polluters.