Take Action

On April 21, 2020, EPA and the Army Corps along with D.C. politicians and industrial polluters finalized a disastrous rule dismantling many long-standing protections under the Clean Water Act, America’s bedrock environmental law. The rule opens the doors to pollution into the Southern rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters we know and love. Now, SELC is challenging this rule in federal court on behalf of 14 conservation groups.

More than 20,000 concerned citizens took action right here, joining hundreds of thousands of others across the country, to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanding this risky, unprecedented rule not move forward. Thank you for mobilizing to show our elected leaders that we will not stand for putting our waterways and communities at risk. EPA was required by law to consider this input when making its final decision.

We Need Your Help

This administration moved forward with its Clean Water Act assault despite widespread public opposition. SELC and our many partners are fighting back in federal court. Click here for the latest on our efforts to protect clean water and sign up to to stay informed on this critical effort to protect our water and our communities.

What's at Stake

Our Drinking Water is at Risk

Public water intakes from surface waters.

Population whose drinking water intake sources are at risk for unregulated pollution under this rule:













Water is a Way of Life

Water is a way of life in the South so keeping our rivers, lakes, and coast protected from pollution is a top priority. This rule threatens:

Drinking water for over 32 million people in the South

The South's iconic and treasured waterways

The South's $130 billion tourism industry that relies on clean lakes and rivers

$200 billion in economic benefits from U.S. hunting and fishing