Gift of Stock

Stock gifts are a particularly effective way to support SELC. If you own stock or other securities that have appreciated since you acquired them, you may face capital gains taxes when you sell them. Donating that stock to the Southern Environmental Law Center might be a wise decision for you because

  • Neither you nor SELC (a non-profit organization) must pay capital gains tax—meaning that SELC receives the full value of your stock;
  • You can receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of your gift;
  • You make an important contribution (perhaps larger than you could afford if you gave cash) that furthers environmental work you care about.

To transfer stock to the Southern Environmental Law Center through our brokerage firm, contact Sandy von Thelen at Scott and Stringfellow at (800) 868-7726 or [email protected].

SELC’s DTC number is 0702.
SELC’s account number is 77126014.

 Please call or email Robyn Kells if you have any questions, [email protected] or (434) 977-4090.