Planned Giving

Many of SELC’s big results take years or even decades of sustained effort. Your planned gift can give us staying power to take on the biggest, most powerful opponents and to stick with the challenge until it’s done. Learn more about a bequest, a trust, or another planned gift option that could enable you to take care of your loved ones and leave a powerful legacy for future action.

“Last year I cut through the clutter of my will to place two bequests into the opening paragraph; the first is to SELC. We grew up together. I know the people, their commitment, their hearts and their passion for excellence. I know that some battles last a decade or more against opponents with unlimited resources. But, based upon my experience, I am confident about our prospects, now and in the future.”

Rick Montague, SELC board member, Chattanooga TN

Charity Navigator

SELC is proud to have a 100% score for Charity Navigator.

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