Application and interviewing guide 

To level the playing field for all candidates, we are providing this list of suggestions as you start the application and interview process with SELC.  

SELC uses behavioral event interview techniques and objective evaluation practices to help to maximize equity in our interview and hiring process. We also orient our staff to inclusive hiring practices and attempt to mitigate as much unconscious bias as possible. The best way to prepare is to reflect on your work experience and identify situations that demonstrate how you react and handle situations, what you have learned from past experience, and the tools you use to be successful. 


Be thoughtful and intentional in your application. Make sure the skills and experience you possess that are most relevant to the job are captured on your resume. It’s best practice to make sure those are also emphasized in your cover letter, along with a genuine explanation of why you are interested in working at SELC and contributing to the work we do. Our hiring managers read cover letters!  

Each SELC job posting will outline the required application materials in the ‘To Apply’ section. These materials must be in PDF format. 

  • Administrative and other staff positions typically require a resume and cover letter.  
  • Attorney and other legal positions typically require a resume, cover letter, law school transcript, and one legal writing sample.  
  • Communications or Design positions will generally require writing samples or a portfolio.   
  • Glynn D. Key Fellowships (Intern or Associate Attorney) will require a statement of interest.  

In-person interviews 

Dress code: 

  • The default is “business professional” but it is appropriate to ask the person coordinating the interview.
  • Some staff who conduct interviews may be sensitive to perfume and cologne, so try not to overdo it. 


  • It is a great idea to browse the SELC website and be generally aware of our work, our basic organizational structure, the location of our offices, the mission, the organizational values, and the job requirements for the position. On the ‘Staff‘ page (About Us > Our Team) you can also find bios, where you can learn more about the SELC employees you will be meeting.  
  • Confirm logistics the day before and arrive to the office location at least 15 minutes early so you have time to orient yourself and, if driving, find parking. Be sure to ask the interview coordinator where you should park and how to get to the office. If parking is not onsite, find out how far of a walk is it to the office, and ask if there is a special procedure to validate or pay for parking. 
  • Preparing a few questions related to our work shows that you have done some research. Don’t forget that interviews are also a great time to do a reverse interview to assess SELC as a potential employer. Be sure to ask questions that are meaningful to you and your situation. 
  • Feel free to bring a water bottle or ask the receptionist for some water before the interview starts. We want you to be comfortable – and hydrated! 

Virtual interviews 

Many of the in-person tips also apply to a virtual interview. In addition, make sure your technology is working and you thoroughly test your connection. We use Microsoft Teams for our virtual platform. If you have a Microsoft account, downloading the app in advance will help. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can also join via web browser. Below are Microsoft Support guides and additional tips. 

  • Test your equipment the day before the interview and do a test session with a friend. 
  • Make sure you have a working power supply and an outlet close to your computer. 
  • Use headphones or earbuds with a good microphone.  
  • Log on to the virtual session 5 minutes early to check your headset/earbuds, camera, speakers, and microphone. 
  • If applicable, make sure the headphones have fresh batteries or are fully charged. 
  • Set up in a quiet, private space with good light and minimal background noise. 
  • If your first-round interview is by phone, make sure you are on Wi-Fi calling and/or somewhere with good reception. 

Next steps 

In addition to these preparation tips, it’s a great idea to ask about timing and next steps as you complete each round of interviews. While we strive to move the process along efficiently, certain times of the year are difficult for scheduling and can take longer than anticipated. This will help to set clear expectations and keep you from wondering if you need to take further action before hearing from us.  

If you have not heard from one of the interviewers or someone in Human Resources by the date identified, please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you by the end of the next workday. We never want you to feel in the dark about the process! 

Jobs at SELC are always competitive, and we often must make difficult hiring decisions. If you are not offered a position or an interview for a position you’ve applied for, we encourage you to stay connected to our work, keep an eye on the Open Positions page, and consider applying to SELC positions in the future. We welcome you to ask questions about careers at SELC by emailing [email protected].