Our values

At SELC we are guided by the following. We believe in these values and in the power of SELC.


We focus on being as effective as possible, with a strategic outlook that is pragmatic, bold, ambitious, and dedicated to achieving powerful results.


We are rooted in our region, always connecting our work to the impacts on people and places around us.

Equity and inclusion

We better serve communities and achieve greater results by reflecting the racial and cultural diversity of our region and by embedding equity and inclusion for everyone in our organization. 


We hold ourselves to high standards, emphasizing honesty, accountability, and thoughtfulness in our work.

Collaboration and camaraderie

We believe our organization is strongest when we work together with our diverse strengths and perspectives, when we recognize everyone has a critical role to play, and when we help each other to bring our best to those roles.

Be part of the solution

As lawyers, policy and issue experts, and community advocates and partners, we take on the toughest environmental challenges.

We’re the muscle and the heart behind landmark environmental actions.