Our partners

Partnership is core to who we are and why we are able to achieve such impressive results. We are honored to have represented and worked alongside over 300 local, state, national, and international partner organizations.

Together with our strong and impressive partners, we deliver landmark results securing clean water protections, stopping offshore drilling, saving wildlife ranging from red wolves to right whales, tackling unneeded gas pipelines, retiring coal plants, and advancing clean energy solutions.

Read about past and ongoing partners who are making a tremendous difference across the South. There’s no limit to what we can do when we work together.

Black man with a gray beard stands in front of a wooded area wearing a black long sleeve tee and a black Nike baseball hat.

For years the voices of the Phillips Community in the Highway 41 update process were overlooked. Groups in the partnership, including SELC, saw that we were worthwhile to save, worth fighting for.

Richard Habersham, Phillips Community Association president

SELC Senior Attorney Greg Buppert and Friends of Nelson celebrating the Atlantic Coast Pipeline victory.

Renee Cail and Jennifer Wilson of Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment with SELC Senior Attorney April Lipscomb.

Making a difference

How we’re partnering to keep the Lumber River and the community that depends on it safe


Celebrating historic recognition of Virginia’s Pine Grove School with former students and the community


A look at how leaders of Union Hill came together to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Black Warrior Riverkeeper and environmental leader Nelson Brooke is one of our most important partners


In their own words

You all have been a godsend. You really have.

Renee Cail, CHASE

Learn more about SELC’s partnership with CHASE.

Hear our partners on our podcast, Broken Ground.