Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

SELC recognizes that, due to historical patterns of racial and economic injustice, people of color and lower wealth communities in our region often face greater exposure to environmental harms. To better serve all communities that are facing environmental threats in the states where we work, SELC seeks to reflect greater racial and cultural diversity and embed equity and inclusiveness throughout our organization and the work we do, including among our Board, leaders, staff, clients, and partners. Achieving these goals is essential to enhancing the workplace, generating informed decisions, serving the people of our region, and reaching our highest level of effectiveness as an organization.

Our work

We believe that all people in the region where we work—regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, background, or income—have the right to clean air, safe drinking water, access to open spaces, and affordable clean energy that sustains their communities and enables their families to thrive. We will approach our work with a sensitivity to the impact on the most vulnerable communities affected, seeking solutions that are equitable, promote economic sustainability, and preserve the unique character and cultural vibrancy of the communities we serve. Learn more about SELC’s work to ensure a healthy environment for all.

Our partners

We believe we bolster and improve our work by engaging a broad and diverse set of client groups and community partners and working collaboratively with them. By doing so, we will be stronger, better informed advocates who more deeply understand the needs and environmental concerns of affected communities.

Atlanta-area community activists Renee Cail and Jennifer Wilson, of Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment, are working closely with SELC Senior Attorney April Lipscomb to challenge a solid waste-handling facility.


SELC Staff Attorney Josephus Allmond stands with partners in the Solar Workgroup of Southwest Virginia in front of a solar installation on an elementary school in the heart of the Commonwealth’s coal country.


Our culture

We believe that our effectiveness as an organization depends on individuals coming together to collaborate as a team. SELC is at its best when all of our staff and board contribute their unique selves to our work. We will ensure our workplace always welcomes, includes, and supports every member of the SELC family, and we will hold each other accountable to this commitment.

Our team

We believe that a broad range of ideas, life experiences, and backgrounds enriches our workplace, drives innovative thinking, and attracts highly talented people who seek a work environment that values the unique contributions of individual team members. Our goal is to create and maintain a staff and a board that, at every level, reflects the rich racial and cultural diversity of the communities where we work and the clients that we serve.

Key Committee

SELC’s Key Committee is working to ensure our organization and our work better reflect the rich cultural and racial diversity of our region, and its work is guided by the vision and values above.

Committee members