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Breaking: FERC approves contested pipeline permits

Late Friday the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued its permits for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline projects. Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur offered a dissenting opinion. The pipeline is slated to ca... Read More »

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Southern Exposure starts next chapter

This week Alabama Rivers Alliance announced they will be assuming the role of primary sponsors for the prestigious Southern Exposure Film Fellowship program beginning in January 2018. SELC sponsored the program from its inception... Read More »

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Maps released by Duke Energy outline extent of damage if coal ash storage fails again

Flooded homes, washed out highways, contaminated drinking water – these are just some of the possibilities if another Duke Energy coal ash spill were to occur. Residents and regulators now have a clearer picture of the extent of t... Read More »

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SELC op-ed: Atlanta’s voice needed to fight offshore drilling

As Georgia coastal communities continue to recover and rebuild from two major hurricanes that have hit the coast within the past year, these storms represent one more reason why offshore drilling has no place off Georgia’s waters.... Read More »

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Repeal of Clean Power Plan puts coal profits ahead of health, communities

Trump-appointed EPA Chief Scott Pruitt announced plans to repeal the landmark Clean Power Plan designed to address carbon pollution and climate change, but did not offer a substitute or even an idea of what should fill the void.... Read More »

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Your iPhone just made a multi-billion dollar interstate project obsolete

Car GPS systems and smart-phone apps use real-time traffic data to route drivers more quickly to destinations like Myrtle Beach, often selecting state roads over interstates. That means the boom in modern mapping technology is dim... Read More »

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SELC, Waterkeeper reach settlement in North Carolina Public Records Act case

In a major win for transparency, SELC and Waterkeeper Alliance today announced they have reached a settlement in a dispute with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services about access to public records. The... Read More »

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Dominion Energy’s contrived need for natural gas on display again

A recent recording revealed that a Dominion representative made allusions to expanding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline beyond North Carolina, into South Carolina. This latest revelation adds to mounting evidence and concern that there... Read More »

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Duke Energy coal ash pollution in N.C. piedmont prompts citizens’ step toward federal court

Today SELC sent a notice of intent to sue Duke Energy to stop its violations of the Clean Water Act at its Belews Creek facility in Stokes County, near the predominantly African-American community of Walnut Tree, North Carolina, a... Read More »

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TVA delays cleanup of unlined leaking coal ash pits with appeal of federal ruling

Tennessee Valley Authority filed an appeal today after a federal court ruled against the utility in August for allowing coal ash contamination of clean water at its Gallatin Fossil Plant. TVA wants the court order requiring it to... Read More »

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