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Turbines take first spin in N.C.

This week the first commercial-scale wind farm in North Carolina became fully operational. The project consists of 104 wind turbines in two northeast counties, Pasquotank and Perquimans. The clean energy generated is in... Read More »

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President dismantles stream protections, threatening drinking water for Southeasterners, nation

Today President Donald Trump signed into law a repeal of the Stream Protection Rule, dismantling key protections that help keep our drinking water safe from coal pollution. The President’s signature on this bill marks the first an... Read More »

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Congressman’s bill: “Terminate” the EPA

In April, 2014, a broken rail sent a CSX train carrying crude oil tumbling off the tracks in Lynchburg, Va. Several cars plunged into the James River as a ruptured tanker gushed 30,000 gallons of the crude into the water, erupting... Read More »

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Dominion pipeline proposal undermines Virginia’s conservation easements

As part of its proposal to build a 42-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline across Virginia, Dominion is asking the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) to permanently extinguish conservation easements on portions of ten protected prop... Read More »

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Virginia coal ash bill pushing Dominion to provide more info heads to full committee

Virginia is inching toward getting Dominion Virginia Power to clean up its coal ash problem in the Commonwealth. Monday a House of Delegates subcommittee unanimously voted to advance a bill requiring Dominion to provide more infor... Read More »

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Carolina utility looking to keep customers by offering community solar

Worried about market share as more people turn to ever-cheaper solar energy, some utilities are planning “community solar” projects to retain customers looking for clean energy alternatives. A recent Associated Press article note... Read More »

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SELC helps shape major improvements to Richmond transit

UPDATE (2/14/17): Richmond City Council voted unanimously to support the Richmond Transit Network Plan and its simultaneous implementation with the autumn roll out of the Pulse bus rapid transit line. It has been decades since t... Read More »

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Southern Exposure wraps after 5 successful years

After five years of storytelling on behalf of Alabama’s environmental wealth and over 30 films about citizens working to protect the state’s abundance of natural wonders, the Southern Exposure Film Fellowship is coming to a close.... Read More »

State: Alabama

Solar jobs booming

The solar industry was a leader in job creation across the country in 2016, with four states SELC works in listed among the nation’s top 20, according to a newly published report from The Solar Foundation. The National Solar Jobs... Read More »

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SELC, elected officials tour light rail route between Durham, Chapel Hill, N.C.

The Southern Environmental Law Center joined U.S. Representatives G.K. Butterfield (D-1st) and David Price (D-4th) yesterday on a tour of the light rail line that will connect Durham and Chapel Hill. A variety of other local elect... Read More »

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