SELC pursuing clean up of coal ash ponds at two Dominion Virginia Power plants

Five leaking coal ash ponds at Dominion's Possum Point Power Plant near Washington D.C. along the Potomac River (© Southern Environmental Law Center)

Leslie Middleton of Bay Journal writes about the legal steps SELC has taken to clean up leaking coal ash pits at Dominion's Chesapeake Energy Center and Possum Point power plant.  The following are excerpts from the article:

"The Southern Environmental Law Center said in separate legal notices filed in late 2014 that coal ash pits at two separate Dominion Virginia Power plants are leaking toxic substances into groundwater and nearby surface waters. The pits are located at the Possum Point Power Plant, which sits on Quantico Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River 30 miles south of Washington, DC, and at Chesapeake Energy Center alongside the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake."

“These facilities pose a long-term pollution problem, and unless the solution gets the coal ash out of direct contact with groundwater, contamination will continue,” said Greg Buppert, SELC Staff Attorney. 

According to  SELC Senior Attorney Frank Holleman, “There’s no question that Dominion has the capability to clean these up. They have tremendous resources and engineering capabilities.”

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