News | March 29, 2016

Georgia Power remains vague on details of coal ash closure plan

Georgia Power Company announced earlier today that plans to close its 29 coal ash ponds at 11 coal fired power plants across Georgia are in development, but did not disclose details beyond a general timeline.

In a news release, the utility says it continues to work closely with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to implement its closure plan, yet did not mention whether it has consulted with stakeholders or the communities surrounding the coal ash ponds.  

“We don’t yet know the details of Georgia Power’s closure plans, but there’s only one sure way of eliminating the risks these unlined ponds pose to the homes and habitats that surround them,” said SELC Senior Attorney Kurt Ebersbach.  “Georgia Power should follow the lead of other major utilities in the Southeast by moving this waste to dry, lined storage away from our rivers, lakes, and drinking water supplies.”