News | June 13, 2023

Introducing our new magazine

Below is a note from President and Executive Director DJ Gerken celebrating the launch of SELC’s inaugural edition. You can explore the magazine stories here.

At SELC, we understand the power of storytelling to solve our greatest environmental challenges. Stories about our Southern treasures and the people who love them remind us all what we are working to protect and give us hope that we will succeed.

SELC’s commitment to our region makes us uniquely positioned to find and share stories from across the South, from the places we all know and love to natural wonders off the beaten path. That is why I’m thrilled to introduce our new magazine, created to transport you to beautiful places across our region and introduce you to the people working to protect them.

In our first issue, landing in mailboxes this week and featured on our website, you’ll hear from people across the South who are making a difference, see the natural wonders tucked away in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, and join us and our partners as we push back against the wood pellet biomass industry that is deepening the climate crisis.

As I read through our inaugural issue, I am reminded that the stakes for our environmental future have never been higher, and the opportunities for real progress have never been greater. At SELC, we know the path forward and we are already leading the charge.

At this pivotal moment for our environment, for the South, and for all of us, we’re committed to bringing you stories that matter, that might otherwise go untold, and that move us toward a healthy environment for all.

Thank you for joining us in building a better future, together.

Explore the stories in Issue 1.