News | February 12, 2016

New pipeline route proposed by Dominion

Today Dominion announced its proposed route change for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, following the recent rejection of the prior route by the U.S. Forest Service, which has jurisdiction over the National Forests impacted by the pipeline route. Alternate proposed route for Dominion Atlantic Coast PipelineDominion's new route would travel through Bath County, which previously was not impacted by the pipeline plan.

“Dominion has proposed a knee-jerk and ill-conceived adjustment to its favored route, rather than a solution that truly attempts to minimize the harm to this region. To prevent unnecessary impacts to our communities and environment, we must understand whether the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is truly needed to meet the regional demand for natural gas in light of the changes to existing pipelines that are already poised to bring more gas into Virginia,” said Senior Attorney Greg Buppert. “The new route also raises fundamental questions of fairness. FERC must put the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on hold until the citizens of Bath County and other communities along the route have the same opportunities as others along the pipeline route to understand the project, evaluate its impacts, and make their voices heard.”

An interactive map of the pipeline route is available here.