News | July 13, 2011

SELC and Alabama Rivers Alliance issue updated water agenda

SELC and our partner Alabama Rivers Alliance today released a new edition of our Alabama Water Agenda, a call to action to state leaders to improve water management across the state. 

While Alabama has made some progress since our original water agenda was published in 2007, it still lags far behind its neighbors in terms of water policy. It is one of only a few southern states that have a comprehensive, statewide water resources management plan. The current drought that is gripping parts of the state, along with Alabama’s recent loss in federal court regarding Lake Lanier in the Tri-State Water Wars, both point to the need for better stewardship of water. 

The report is geared for state leaders and citizens alike to understand the key problems and solutions in order to develop policies to safeguard our water resources for future generations of Alabamians to use and enjoy, while preserving the state’s renowned aquatic biopersity. Among other things, the agenda recommends better enforcement of existing law, more funding for agencies that regulate water, and the creation of a statewide water management plan in Alabama. 

See our press release here.

Download and read the report here.