News | August 18, 2015

Southern Exposure website launch features sneak peek of 2015 films

Now in its fourth year of raising awareness, appreciation, and inspiring action on behalf of Alabama’s environment, the Southern Exposure film fellowship has launched a new online platform,, for the debut of the 2015 films.

Each summer, Southern Exposure brings emerging filmmakers from all over the country to create engaging films about Alabama's incredible natural resources and those working to protect its unparalleled biodiversity and environmental wealth.

Settling in Birmingham as their home base, the fellows often travel across the state to meet with a variety of Alabamians—environmental advocates, scientific experts, everyday citizens—whose experience, expertise, and personal accounts of triumphs and challenges help to shape these inspiring films.

The 2015 films explore a variety of topics and issues Alabama currently faces, such as:

  • the lingering environmental and economic impacts on the Gulf Coast five years after the BP oil spill
  • the policy barriers preventing Alabama from realizing its vast solar potential and
  • the ongoing conservation work to preserve more than 4,000 breathtaking caves in the state.

Made possible by the hands-on support and partnership with local and statewide conservation groups, these captivating films give viewers a sense of how much Alabama has to offer and the importance of protecting its resources.

“We hope people leave the films with new knowledge, appreciation, and a better understanding of what’s at stake for Alabama,” said Katherine Gorringe, the Southern Exposure Program Director.  “These stories give viewers a unique insight into the day-to-day lives of those working to keep Alabama’s natural beauty and special places intact, now and for future generations to enjoy.” 

The premiere screening of the 2015 films kicks off in Birmingham at the Altamont School on Thursday, September 10 at 7 p.m. CST. For more information on the free screenings scheduled around the state, visit

Get a sneak peek of this year’s films below.