News | February 16, 2024

Urgent action needed in Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly meets in Richmond.

Small modular nuclear reactors are uncharted territory for Virginia. This is why we want to draw your attention to Senate Bill 454 and House Bill 1491, which would allow Appalachian Power and Dominion Energy to recover development and site preparation costs — plus profits — for SMR power plants from their customers.  

Act now with Appalachian Voices.

This bill removes existing customer protections to provide preferential treatment to SMRs — a technology that is completely unproven for commercial electricity generation. There are currently no operational SMRs delivering electricity to the United States grid, and the leading proposal in the country was recently cancelled. Southern utilities have a poor track record of wasteful attempts at nuclear power plants. Virginia utilities should stay focused on expanding proven clean energy resources.

For these reasons and many more, we encourage you to act and tell your legislator to vote NO. Act now with Appalachian Voices