Top priorities


Alabama Power charges its customers with rooftop solar panels so many unnecessary fees that it earned the unenviable title of the nation’s top charger. We’ve challenged these unjust fees in multiple venues, most recently the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama in Montgomery. Every Alabamian has a right to affordably access the clean energy benefits solar power provides.

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Coal ash

Alabama Power is proposing to “manage” the millions of tons of toxic coal ash stored next to waterways across the state by covering it and leaving it in place in leaking pits. We’ve proven repeatedly that the safest way to manage coal ash is to move it to modern, lined storage away from the water. We’ll continue urging utility and state officials to pursue the most protective path possible.

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Clean water

Teeming with plants and wildlife, Alabama streams and rivers are the most diverse in the country. However, the state is at the top of the list for the number of species at risk of extinction and ranks among the bottom of states for per capita spending on environmental protection. With many factors at play, like sprawl, stormwater overflows, and lax oversight, SELC brings our legal expertise to the defense of these special systems.

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Electric vehicles

As customers and industry make the switch to electric vehicles and cut carbon pollution, Alabama needs policies in place to allow the state to tap into a growing market. SELC’s expertise in utility planning and transportation provides valuable insight as the state expands its share of EVs on the road.

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