Top priorities

Protecting the Georgia Coast

Georgia’s barrier islands are natural treasures, home to one-third of the remaining salt marshes on the east coast. Development pressure and lax enforcement present frequent threats so SELC works closely with a broad coalition to create tighter safeguards to protect coastal communities for climate change impacts, and protect natural resources  like the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

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Energy Equity

We are striving to set Georgia on a far more equitable and cost-effective clean energy path. SELC attorneys and our partners advocate for greater reliance on steady, long-term investments in solar and energy efficiency, and to drive down reliance on expensive, dirty fossil fuels in our state. We also work to expand and improve access to energy bill relief programs for customers who need it most.

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Rail and transit

Atlanta traffic is some of the worst in the nation. While the problem is obvious, the solutions are more nuanced. Our attorneys bring expertise in transportation planning, zoning, sprawl, traffic patterns and air pollution to the table as decision makers explore transit and road improvements to allow people and goods to flow more freely through the metro area.

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Clean water

Protecting Georgia’s water resources is key to our future. This includes defending the Okefenokee Swamp and the wetlands around it from a proposed mining operation, as well as monitoring waterways across the state for pollution, particularly upstream of drinking water intakes. We also work to make sure that our rivers and aquifers have enough clean water and are not overused, especially during droughts.

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