North Carolina

Top priorities

Climate action

Limiting heat-trapping carbon pollution from power plants is key to addressing climate change, which communities across North Carolina are already experiencing. SELC is advancing rulemaking to establish a declining limit on utilities’ carbon emissions , while also pushing for more solar and energy efficiency solutions.

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Industrial Chemical Pollution in our Water

With little oversight, forever chemicals like PFAS, 1,4 dioxane and bromides have become a scourge in North Carolina waters. SELC led the effort to turn off the pollution tap at Chemours plant in the Cape Fear River and continues to push for enforcement and stronger protections at state and federal levels.

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Pollution from industrial animal operations

From odors to poorly managed waste, North Carolina’s massive industrial animal operations have an outsized impact on communities. SELC works closely with residents and partners to stop pollution and advocate for the most protective policies possible.

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Biomass energy in the South

The misguided urge to call burning trees for fuel carbon-neutral in the European Union has led to companies looking to convert forests and wetlands across the southeast into wood pellets. SELC’s efforts led to stricter air pollution controls at plants in North Carolina and SELC is in court to protect the Lumber River from this destructive practice.

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