Top priorities

Environmental justice

Our successful fight against the Byhalia Pipeline and its route through southwest Memphis vividly illustrated how industry repeatedly targets areas already heavily burdened with pollution. This is an issue across the state and SELC is working closely with communities to push for stronger environmental justice protections.

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Prioritizing clean energy at the Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority is the country’s largest federally-owned utility and, as such, should be a national model for shifting to cleaner power sources like solar, and away from climate polluting fuels like methane gas. Our Nashville office keeps close tabs on TVA’s plans, always pushing it to move the region toward a more sustainable, more efficient, and cleaner future.

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Coal ash

TVA became the poster child for poor coal ash management after an earthen dam holding waterlogged coal ash broke at its Kingston plant. Since then, SELC has been at the forefront of holding utilities accountable and using legal measures to push for the most protective storage possible—in modern, lined landfills away from our waterways.

Coal ash cleanup

Clean water

The lakes and rivers across Tennessee provide drinking water, recreation, and habitat for a wide array of wildlife. Defense of the Clean Water Act’s protections and enforcement of its requirements have been key to keeping pollution out of Tennessee’s waterways.

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Protecting South’s wildest places

From championing the passage of the Tennessee Wilderness Act to collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service planning process, SELC is committed to preserving the natural beauty of Tennessee and the many resources it provides.

Fighting for the South’s wildest places