Climate change is here and we’re taking action in the South.  

This moment will shape our future for generations to come.

Explore the groundbreaking climate solutions unfolding right here in the South.

Memphis says no to new gas in favor of solar power

When West Tennessee communities spoke out against plans to build yet another dirty gas plant in their area, one local utility listened. Memphis, Light, Gas and Water has scrapped its proposal and is choosing to meet the community’s needs by investing in solar power and batteries, instead. This illustrious pivot to clean energy can lead the way for utilities everywhere. 


Building climate adaptable communities starts in Charleston

From sunny day flooding to extreme heat, the South is already feeling severe effects of climate change. One solution is to prepare and adapt to it. With new historic climate investments, we can now protect and involve more communities in solutions that work for the challenges facing them. 


Solar saves money for Georgians with low income

Solar can be a costeffective way to help control rising energy bills. This new program helps people who may not have access to traditional solar programs because of the high up-front cost, poor credit, or high interest rates. 


Reimagining our transportation system from Atlanta

Transportation pollution is a leading cause of climate change, but we can’t expect people to drive less without providing safe alternatives. A new federal infrastructure investment means we have the chance to reimagine how we get around in the South. 


How Chapel Hill and Carrboro are going car-optional

Imagine life with easier, cheaper, and greener ways to get around. These small, southern towns give us a glimpse of how everyone wins with more transportation options. 


Transforming coal mines to solar arrays in Virginia

Closed coal mines and abandoned production facilities leave behind large stretches of cleared, unused land that’s ripe for clean energy alternatives. Solar advocates in southwest Virginia are showing how a combination of grants and massive tax incentives can make building solar facilities on former coal sites possible in more places. 


Our communities have been the energy generation centers of the country for a long time and will be essential to the nation’s clean energy transition. 

Josephus Allmond, Staff Attorney

Investing in our future

We are in a critical moment for climate action. There are new opportunities because of new funding and clean technologies like the Inflation Reduction Act, energy efficiency programs, and solar energy, which are helping to create real progress across the South.

27x the solar capacity

compared to a decade ago in our six states

$500 million

invested in new environmental justice projects and programs to strengthen southern communities

640% increase

in electric vehicle registrations in less than a decade

43% reduction

Our region has retired 25,600 MWs of coal-fired electricity, reducing coal capacity by 43%

Solutions start here

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