Press Release | March 29, 2016

Dominion Doubles Down On Fossil Fuels With A New Natural Gas Power Plant in Virginia

Charlottesville, VA- Today the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued an order approving Dominion’s fifth new, fossil-fuel-fired power station in recent years.  The 1,600-megawatt Greensville County Gas Plant joins more than 3,800 megawatts of new coal or natural gas-fired power plants that Dominion has already built in just the last five years.  In the coming years, Dominion plans to add another 8,000 MW of natural gas-fired generation to its fleet, compared to roughly 420 MW of solar and wind. 

“Given the vital importance of addressing Virginia’s contribution to carbon pollution and climate change, we are gravely disappointed that Dominion has failed to consider and weigh renewable and energy efficient alternatives that would be better for customers, better for the environment, and better for Virginia’s economy,” said Will Cleveland, staff attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center. 

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