Press Release | May 11, 2023

EPA moves to cut power plant pollution

Proposal would significantly reduce carbon emissions in the South

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today a new proposal to limit carbon pollution from fossil-fueled power plants. EPA’s proposed limits on heat-trapping pollution generated by power plants will bring the nation closer to federal commitments to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030.  

Given that power plants are the nation’s second largest contributor to climate change, today’s announcement is particularly significant for the South, whose communities bear the burden of hosting some of the country’s highest CO2-emitting power plants.  

“Setting limits on carbon pollution from gas and coal plants is key to cleaning up the power sector,” said Gudrun Thompson, leader of SELC’s Clean Energy Program. “If we are going to tackle the climate crisis, EPA’s proposal is a crucial piece in moving the South—and the nation— away from a fossil fuel past and toward a clean energy future.” 

“EPA’s proposal makes it possible for utilities to reduce pollution in a cost-effective way, while also tapping into the immense economic benefits and job creation we have seen firsthand in the South with the growth of the renewable energy industry,” said Alys Campaigne, leader of SELC’s Climate Initiative. “We now have the opportunity to embrace the momentum toward a cleaner energy future while reducing pollution—a win-win for communities and local economies.”

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