Press Release | February 14, 2019

New Video Outlines What’s at Stake in Federal Proposal to Gut Clean Water Act

EPA Opens 60-Day Comment Period for Public to Voice Concern on Dismantling Federal Clean Water Protections

Charlottesville, VA – Earlier today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opened the public comment period for citizens to provide feedback on a proposal to gut the Clean Water Act by redefining what waters are protected. This proposal threatens to strip longstanding safeguards for streams, wetlands, and smaller waterways that feed drinking water sources for millions of people across the country.

In response, the Southern Environmental Law Center released a video to explain what’s at risk if this proposal is allowed to move forward and encourages the public to submit comments over the next 60 days.

For nearly 50 years, the Clean Water Act has provided essential protections to streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The EPA’s proposal to dismantle critical clean water protections that have been in place for generations is one of the most detrimental policy decisions from the current administration, eliminating crucial safeguards for thousands of stream miles and millions of acres of wetlands. Without these clean water protections, developers, industrial operations, sewage treatment facilities, and other polluters may be able to directly dump in or fill waterways without any public notice, threatening drinking water supplies and putting communities at risk.

Before finalizing its proposal, however, EPA is required by law to accept and consider all public comments. This is a critical opportunity for concerned citizens to make their voices heard. The 60-day comment period will be open until mid-April and will be the only chance for the public to take action to stop this dangerous proposal.

Visit to learn more about the current administration’s attacks on the Clean Water Act and how to submit public comments.



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