Press Release | January 11, 2024

SELC statement on introduction of South Carolina energy bill (S.909)

COLUMBIA, S.C. — This week, Senator Tom Davis introduced S.909 to the South Carolina General Assembly that would encourage market competition and reform, strengthen energy efficiency programs, and set requirements for robust clean energy procurement. But the bill also would strip basic consumer, health, and environmental protections created to keep utilities accountable for costly rate increases and risky, large investments.  

In response, Kate Mixson, SELC Senior Attorney, released the following statement: 

“We are happy to see many important ratepayer protections in Senator Davis’ bill, including provisions for energy efficiency programs, energy market reform, and expanding clean energy. But the bill is sunk by poison pill provisions that go far beyond just energy to allow widespread industrial pollution of our wetlands, strip South Carolinians’ property rights, and roll back safeguards designed to prevent monopoly utilities from locking ratepayers into unnecessary and costly power projects like V.C. Summer.  

“We look forward to working toward necessary energy reform, but South Carolina cannot negotiate on property rights, a clean environment, and basic ratepayer protections.” 

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