Rand Lines

Digital Campaign Manager

 Former Campaign and Marketing Manager, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

 B.A., University of Georgia, Phi Beta Kappa

 With SELC since 2019

Fine tuning SELC’s digital tools keeps Rand busy as he oversees much of SELC’s online advocacy work. Moving audiences to action entails planning and coordinating campaigns, creating content, tracking results, and optimizing performance, all with an eye toward maximizing the organization’s impact.

Experience driving action and engaging supporters was a key part of his role with Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund where he worked closely with National Geographic, Twentieth Century Fox, and the Ellen Show to promote the Fossey Fund’s gorilla protection efforts in Africa.

Rand’s other passions are music and photography, which have given him the chance to photograph numerous Atlanta performances over the years when he’s not performing. The Georgia coast is one of his favorite escapes, particularly Cumberland Island. As he noted, the island is one of those rare places you visit where the modern world fades away and you can experience nature and history firsthand.

“Protecting the environment for the next generation is my number one priority and SELC knows exactly how to do that.”

Rand Lines

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