Power plants to public lands: Key decisions shaping our future

WEBINAR: July 31, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Join SELC for a webinar about key decisions being made now that will chart our future, and how we can ensure the right choices are made.

From utilities locking us into fossil fuels through a methane gas grab to the chance to save natural treasures like the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, learn what we are doing to block bad decisions and drive smarter solutions in the South. We have a chance to get this right, but we must act now.


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We are at a critical moment for our environmental future, from decisions about energy to how we protect our public lands.

In the South, utilities are proposing some of the largest methane gas buildouts in the country, locking us into a dangerous fossil fuel for decades to come when we should be investing in proven renewable energy sources.

Last year, a Supreme Court decision stripped critical protections for wetlands across the country. There is no better example of these lost safeguards endangering our natural treasures than a mining operation threatening the beloved Okefenokee swamp, a crown jewel of the South.

But SELC is leading the charge to push back.

Climate change is here, and SELC knows what’s at stake. The decisions we make over the next five years will impact not only us, but future generations. It’s critical that we make forward-thinking choices. Join SELC for this webinar to learn about some of these key issues playing out in our region and how, together, we advance innovative solutions.