Land and Wildlife

This vast and extraordinary part of our country is unlike any other, home to singular natural wonders and one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. From the mountains to the coast, we are staunch defenders of the South’s many natural treasures. With our partners across the region, we have successfully protected old-growth forests, wilderness areas, wildlife ranging from red wolves to right whales, and beloved natural places.

Fighting for at risk wildlife

From endangered red wolves to sea turtles and countless migratory birds, the South is home to an awe-inspiring array of wildlife. We fight on their behalf against threats of disappearing habitats, climate change, and weakened species protections.

Special wildlife challenge grant announcement

The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation has issued a $20,000 special challenge grant, doubling the impact for anyone who makes a gift to support our wildlife work.  

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The South is one of the most biodiverse places on our planet. Unfortunately, a lot of the species here are losing their habitat and at risk of extinction. There’s a lot at stake, that’s why our Wildlife Program’s work is so critical.

Ramona McGee, SELC’s Wildlife Program Leader

Preserving public lands

We champion the incomparable value of public lands in the South — particularly the national forests of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the country’s largest concentration of public land east of the Rockies and the ecological heart of our region.

Sign the petition to protect old-growth forests.

There’s beauty and power in the very idea of public lands — that America’s unfenced lands belong as much to a single hunter or hiker as to powerful industry interests.

Sam Evans, SELC’s National Forests and Parks Program Leader

Protecting our coast

There’s no place like the Southern coast, with its sandy beaches, barrier islands and marshes, strong coastal communities, and rare wildlife. We work to protect the beloved yet endangered coast from the impacts of climate change and destructive development.