South Carolina

Top priorities

The changing coast

Sunny day flooding and punishing storms are a way of life now along South Carolina’s coast. SELC attorneys and issue experts are collaborating with partners, local governments, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders – and also bringing litigation where necessary – to oppose development proposals that would exacerbate flooding while advocating for nature-based solutions to build a resilient future. 

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Stopping destructive road projects

The secret is out about South Carolina and people are moving to the state in unprecedented numbers to enjoy all it has to offer. With more drivers comes the question of more roads. SELC is engaged with partners and community leaders to avoid repeating the mistake of sacrificing neighborhoods and wetlands for more pavement and traffic.

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Protecting wildlife

The varied landscapes of South Carolina are home to many federally threatened and endangered animal and plant species from the redcockaded woodpecker to the Dwarf Flowered Heartleaf. By weighing in on key policies and collaborating with partners, SELC works to advocate for their protection when development and for-profit companies threaten their habitat and survival. 


Moving toward clean, affordable energy

SELC is engaged with utilities, customers, and legislators to ensure South Carolina continues to see economic and environmental benefits from low-cost, low-risk, and reliable clean energy. With the costs of coal and gas climbing to record levels, South Carolina utilities must have clean and diverse resource portfolios to protect South Carolina ratepayers.

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