Press Release | October 27, 2023

Georgia Power asks regulators to expand fossil fuel use 

ATLANTA— Today Georgia Power filed an off-cycle integrated resource plan asking the Georgia Public Service Commission to approve a significant increase in fossil fuels, adding about 30% more methane gas and oil to its long-term energy plan.

Bypassing the normal timeframe for integrated resource planning proceedings, a process that happens once every three years with the next one scheduled for 2025, Georgia Power is proposing to expand its fossil fuel use, including building oil and gas turbine combustion generators at Plant Yates with a 40-year life expectancy. This proposal follows multiple recent rate increases that have continued to drive up customer bills, while the utility itself states that renewable energy options are an economic driver for our state and calls solar “the most cost-effective energy resource addition available in Georgia.”

In response, Jennifer Whitfield, Senior Attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center, released the following statement:

“We are deeply troubled Georgia Power is walking back the incremental steps it has taken in our state’s clean energy transition and instead doubling down on dirty, expensive fossil fuels. It’s shocking that Georgia Power would ask to invest so heavily in methane gas just months after volatile fossil fuel prices caused a nearly $16 a month hike in customer bills. This is a bait and switch for companies bringing green and renewable manufacturing jobs to our state, and a financial risk to families already saddled with some of the highest power bills in the country.

“Pushing for more oil and gas is completely at odds with Georgia Power’s parent company, Southern Company’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Georgia can and should instead meet our energy needs and customer demands by expanding clean, affordable renewable options like solar power, battery storage, and energy savings programs.”

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