Our Big Issues

Through issue-based regional programs, this organization aims to do nothing less than shape the future of our six states. SELC’s programs encompass clean energy and air; water; forests; the coast and wetlands; transportation, land-use and communities; and wildlife and special places. The heart of SELC’s mission is ensuring a healthy environment for all the people of our region. If there is an environmental issue you’ve heard about that affects the South, SELC is sure to be in the middle of it, proving law and policy expertise, regional perspective, and strategic leadership.  

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A Healthy Environment for All

SELC believes that everyone in this region deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy environment. For 30 years, SELC has been a vigilant and staunch defender of the South and its people, using our law and policy expertise to keep poll Learn More »