Chapel Hill, NC

SELC’s Chapel Hill office is in the LEED-certified Greenbridge Building. This is our statewide office, with a team of highly qualified and dedicated attorneys serving the wide range of environmental needs of North Carolina—while also furthering SELC’s larger, regional program goals.

Office Information

601 West Rosemary Street
Suite 220
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-2356

Phone: 919-967-1450
Fax: 919-929-9421

Development and Marketing

  • Kara Kooken

    Development Officer

Program Communications

  • Kathleen Sullivan

    Senior Program Communications Manager (NC)

  • Jovian Sackett

    Senior Geospatial Analyst

  • Miller Cochran

    Geospatial Analyst

  • Libbie Weimer

    Geospatial Associate


  • Ann Oliver

    Office Manager

  • Brenda Kenion

    Assistant to Office Director

  • Pat Dunlop

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Robin Dunn

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Lauren Fry

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Javier Christian

    IT Associate

  • Erin Trammell

    Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

  • Mindy Campbell

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Kurt Conner

    Litigation Assistant

  • Emma Postel

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Melissa Whaling

    Research Associate

  • Jennifer Doucette

    Administrative Legal Assistant