SELC is renowned for the stellar quality of its staff.  We are particularly proud to have assembled an unparalleled team of law and policy experts, with over 80 lawyers with the finest academic degrees and top-notch professional credentials—all of whom are choosing to pass up much more lucrative opportunities in order to devote their substantial skills and talents to SELC’s environmental protection mission.  

Charlottesville, VA - Headquarters

Charlottesville Office Leadership

Charlottesville Office Development and Marketing

  • Marie Hawthorne

    Director of Development and Marketing

  • Ami Somers

    Creative Director

  • Jennis Warren

    Next30 Director

  • Ariel Billmeier

    Director of Development Information Systems

  • Annie Stafford

    Senior Development Officer for Leadership and Legacy Gifts

  • Deb Donnelly

    Senior Development Officer

  • Eliza Phillips

    Development Officer

  • Kate LeBoeuf

    Development Officer

  • Liz Powers

    Development Officer

  • Beth Ike

    Development Office Chief of Staff

  • Robyn Kells

    Database Manager

  • Catherine Zimmerman

    Development Information Coordinator

  • Wilson Brissett

    Senior Writer

  • Denise Holman

    Foundations Manager

  • Anna Gantt

    Graphic Designer

  • Jessie Hamilton

    Development Administrative Assistant

Charlottesville Office Program Communications

  • Erin Malec

    Director of Program Communications

  • Jessica Clark

    Director of Digital Strategy

  • Mike Mather

    Senior Program Communications Manager (SC)

  • Jennie Daley

    Senior Digital Editor

  • Alexis Bishop

    Marketing and Communications Administrative Assistant

Charlottesville Office Regional Operations

  • Holly Hueston

    Director of Finance and Administration

  • Hayley Parrish

    Assistant to Executive Director

  • Lydia Gaya

    Human Resources Manager

  • Gayle Davis

    Accounting Manager

  • Christie Wiggans

    Finance and Investment Coordinator

  • Calvin Brondyke

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Elizabeth Best

    Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

  • Chelsea Blakely

    Administrative Assistant and Assistant to Director of Finance & Administration

  • Kevin Poindexter

    Information Technology Manager

  • Eric Backman

    Information Technology Associate

  • Ryan Ellis

    Finance Associate

Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Development and Marketing

  • Kara Kooken

    Development Officer

Chapel Hill Office Program Communications

  • Kathleen Sullivan

    Senior Program Communications Manager (NC)

  • Jovian Sackett

    Senior Geospatial Analyst

  • Miller Cochran

    Geospatial Analyst

  • Libbie Weimer

    Geospatial Associate

Chapel Hill Office Administration

  • Ann Oliver

    Office Manager

  • Brenda Kenion

    Assistant to Office Director

  • Pat Dunlop

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Robin Dunn

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Lauren Fry

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Javier Christian

    IT Associate

  • Erin Trammell

    Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

  • Mindy Campbell

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Kurt Conner

    Litigation Assistant

  • Emma Postel

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Melissa Whaling

    Research Associate

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Program Communications

  • Emily Driscoll

    Program Communications Manager (GA, AL)

  • Scott Smallwood

    Program Communications Manager (TN)

Atlanta Office Administration

  • Katherine Perry

    Regional Administrator and Risk Manager

  • Mary Margaret Pearce

    Office Manager

  • Shawn Lee

    IT Associate

  • Sydney Young

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Tanya Shahjanian

    Administrative / Legal Assistant

  • Kristin Foltz

    Legal Administrative Assistant

  • Lam Ho

    Legal Administrative Assistant

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Office Administration

  • Katherine Ronan

    Legal Administrative Assistant

Charleston, SC

Charleston Office Administration

Nashville, TN

Nashville Office Administration

  • Rachel Chu

    Legal and Office Assistant

Washington, DC

Washington, DC Office Legal

Washington, DC Office Administration